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Posted on: June 27th, 2017 by Parkwood Seniors Community
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We understand that the parking spaces out front are, at times, “few-and-far-between”.

There are several “15 Minute Drop-Off” spaces and Wheelchair Accessible spaces at the front of our buildings.  This is a friendly reminder to please use those spaces as they are intended.  If you are going to be longer than 15 minutes or do not require the accessible spaces, please park in another space.

If all spaces are full, you are welcome to park along the long driveway that comes in from New Hampshire St.  You are also able to park out on New Hampshire St.

You are welcome to drop-off passengers at the front door before parking your car.

Thank-you for your cooperation!


Family and Friends of Parkwood:

Posted on: June 9th, 2017 by Parkwood Seniors Community
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Beginning in June, the BSO team at Parkwood is implementing a new “forget-me-not” program. This program will help identify a resident that may demonstrate responsive behaviours.  A blue, forget-me-not flower will be placed on the door frame of their room.

What the “Forget-me-not” program can achieve:

  • promote awareness for BSO (Behavior Support Ontario) program

  • identify and support residents with responsive behaviours

  • discreetly and respectively alert staff to the needs and/or behaviours of a Resident

  • help to maintain the dignity of the Resident

Our goal for our “Forget-me-not” program is awareness.  Promoting a respectful, individualized approach to Resident care, helps both the Resident and Staff.  The blue flower lets Family and Friends of the Resident know that our staff has extra supports in place to help with that Resident’s personal care.  We welcome input and feedback so that we can communicate and plan for the best care possible.

For more information about the Behaviour Support Ontario program you can visit: http://www.behaviouralsupportsontario.ca/

Thank-you, The BSO team at Parkwood,
JoAnn Guerrero (DOC),Leena Ganouri (RPN), Steven Taylor (RPN), Brett Doughty (PSW), and Rhonda Holden (PSW)


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