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“Parkwood can provide a housing solution on its vibrant, active campus for residents to enjoy both a community and a safe, comfortable home. Our beautiful eight-acre site in Waterloo is shovel-ready.”

Bob Shantz, Campaign Co-Chair

The total project cost is $36.7 million.

Our vision is to offer 30% of a new six-storey, 90-unit building as affordable housing

This housing solution relieves poverty, lessens the chronic shortage of senior-friendly affordable housing and provides equitable access to a beautiful campus and congregate living to older adults with many backgrounds and a range of financial means – modest, middle and comfortable.

Affordable Housing Financial Plan

Project Costs
Unit Breakdown

The new building will provide 60 one-bedroom apartments, including 28 affordable housing units and 30 two-bedroom apartments.

Every person who chooses Parkwood will enjoy a safe, comfortable home complete with underground parking, a roof terrace, and dedicated event space. Residents will also have equal access to a beautiful campus, many amenities and congregate activities, purposefully designed to create a sense of community for older adults.

With this apartment building we have arrived at a housing solution that:

Help us raise the final $1M

Thanks to generous supporters, we are nearing our fundraising goal of $7.5M. The final $1M will help us sustainably offer 28 affordable housing apartments, equip the with appliances and equip and furnish the shared amenities in preparation to welcoming residents in the winter 2023-24.

A gift of any size will make a difference

We have impactful giving opportunities for every budget. You can help by contributing toward an appliance or you may prefer to leave a legacy and name an area in honour of your generosity. You can also choose to pledge a gift and pay in affordable segments over one to five years to fit your financial planning.

Whatever your budget, we appreciate your kind support. Together, we are building a community for all.

Download the campaign brochure to view a more detailed description and images:

Apartment Appliances

Each of the 28 affordable will include a fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. A gift of $6,150 can completely equip one apartment. A gift of $7,250 can equip an accessible, affordable apartment.

Fundraising goal: $178,000


The Servery will be a commercial grade kitchen, fully equipped to offer an onsite dining experience for all Parkwood residents and visitors. A gift of $4,500 will fund a commercial grade double door, reach in refrigerator.

Fundraising goal: $170,000

Foyer, Café

The light-filled foyer will welcome residents and guests with comfortable seating and a cozy café.

A gift of $2,700 will provide a comfortable greeting and meeting space to enjoy a treat from the café and have a chat.

Fundraising goal: $13,500

Terrace Lounge

The spacious terrace lounge will be the perfect place to entertain, celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a visit.

A gift of $3,700 will provide a comfortable space to relax and visit with family and friends.

Fundraising goal: $40,000

Dining Room

The large, bright dining room will seat 52 and will include 15 tables for two, four or six and one large harvest table.

A gift of $3,500 will host a group of four with furniture made to last through thousands of meals to come.

Fundraising goal: $62,000

Terrace and Dining Patios

Residents and guests will welcome warm days on the terrace patio or enjoy a meal on the patio connected to the dining room.

A gift of $3,500 will provide a cozy outdoor eating experience for groups of four for years to come.

Fundraising goal: $68,000

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The classroom is designed for up to 24 participants. A gift of $1,250 will fund a table and seating for two to enjoy learning a new skill.

Fundraising goal: $15,000

726 New Hampshire St, Waterloo, ON N2K 4M1